Thank you for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the world.  You are heartily welcome to come on in and sit a spell!If you don’t know already, it won’t take you long to discover that I love books, I mean really love books!  I love the smell of a book hot off the press, but also relish the scent of a book that has been loved and touched by many eager readers.  The sound of the crisp pages being turned, the sight of the beautiful letters that lace into words; these things both energize and elate me.

You might wonder why I’m so taken with verbage and for me, the reason is clear.  God is the Master Writer and as such, He is the ultimate creator of words.  I find that when I read or write, I enter into God’s presence in a very special way.  I realize it is not that way for everyone, but I strongly believe that God has given each and every one of us our own specific gifts for two reasons:  1) using my gift to bring Him glory is an act of worship, 2) using my gift can bless the world around me.

Bottom line…may this site bless Him and you as you take a walk through the pages:

The Blog ~ Reflections on my journey through this life as a woman seeking God.

The Reading Room ~ Book reviews on my favorite reads for the whole family.

And eventually, when I’m ready to divulge more info, I will have a page with up to date information regarding the series of books I am currently writing…and have been working on for half of my life…literally!  Aargh…don’t get me started on that one =).

Lastly, a request for patience and grace as I am not as faithful in keeping up with my blogs as I want to be.  Somehow, homeschooling four kiddos keeps me pretty busy ;).


Go with God,

Ralina =)

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