The Bio

422 Born and raised in southern California, I think I first began writing stories before I could actually hold a pencil.  Stories have always filled my brain, often making me useless to live in the real world as my head has pretty much always been in a book, whether mine or another author’s.

I have always felt blessed to have been raised in a home that put the Lord first.  My parents both came from dysfunctional families.  It is a testament of God’s grace and redemption that they were both brought to Him before marriage and began their new life together with Christ as their foundation.  I don’t take this lightly and know what a tremendous gift this legacy is to my sister and I.

My sister and I were homeschooled, which created a lot of opportunity for us to delve into the arts with the time that other children we knew were having to use for homework.  Our respective crafts have always meant a great deal to us and been in all honesty, a form of breathing.

Many travels and life experiences have become fodder for my writing, fiction and non.  I always find it humorous when writers say that their stories are not based on their real life in any way.  I’ve come to realize that none of us are in a bubble; everything around us is a grain of “dirt” that when gathered together makes a rich swell of soil from which writing grows and blooms.  This is not to say that any stories are copied, rather the smatterings of reality can’t help but touch our imaginations.

My husband and I met at church during junior high youth group.  I knew from the time I was thirteen that I wanted to marry him and he’s been stuck with me ever since!  As is the norm, we’ve had many ups and down throughout our 20+ years of knowing each other, but we have always seen God’s hand working and are in awe in all He has done inside of us individually and as a couple.  I am so grateful for this life partner that God has given to me.

Aaron and I make our home in the Pikes Peak region with our four beautiful children where I wear many hats including homeschool mom.  Homeschool looks very different on this side of the tracks and it makes me all the more thankful for my mom and her faithful years of putting up with my sister and I!

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